Red thread bracelet for Taurus zodiac sign

  • Red thread bracelet for Taurus zodiac sign

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    /Natural stone beads and their colours very carefully chosen according to horoscope. Stones are chosen according to what they provide each zodiac sign with in different life situations. In the bracelet 925 silver and gilded 24 K silver details are used./ 

  • Taurus

    Dates April 20/21 – May 21/22
    Element Earth
    Planet Venus
    Number 6 (six)
    Day of the week Friday
    Colors White, green, yellow, light purple, light blue, pink, lemon, navy blue, light green.
    Natural stone Lapis lazure, jasper, pink quartz, carnelian, aventurine, rock crystal, aquamarine, rhodonite, tiger eye, agate, onyx and others.
    Personality Patience, perseverance, determination, jealousy, ownership, orientation towards result, stubbornness, love for beauty, stability and stamina, logics, practicality. They always say YES to pleasures and material benefit.

    Stones, used in this bracelet:
    LAPIS LAZURE (truth) – stone that improves emotional, physical, spiritual and mental state, gives peace. Lazurite stimulates reflections on the meaning of life, calms nervous system and reduces tension, anger, disappointments. It helps to attract true spiritual love and is a powerful charm of faithfulness. Lazurite gives full protection and helps to avoid malevolent destiny and hard thoughts. This mineral is the truth, concentration, wisdom, luck, love.
    AQUAMARINE (awakening of the soul) – the stone that gives insight, braveness and happiness, understanding and tolerance, ensuring long-term and successful relationship. It is a stone that brings clarity to thoughts, encourages new ideas, helps maintaining emotional balance, therefore is particularly convenient at difficult life periods. Aquamarine gives patience to complete works and encourages achieving new goals. Also, it is a stone of spirituality and clearing of the soul.
    PINK QUARTZ (self-love) – stone of love, affection, kindness and inner peace. Most often, pink quartz is used for love rituals, because it stimulates love and affection, relaxes. It is a powerful stone of unexpressed positive feelings, talents and self-expression. The energy of this crystal stimulates susceptibility for beauty, art, it sets imagination free. Pink quartz fills life with inner peace, wisdom, consciousness and harmony. Also, this stone stimulates intuition, self-love and love for others, as well as positive outlook towards life, it teaches to forgive.
    AVENTURINE (leadership) – stone of leaders that helps to make all wishes and desires come true. It strengthens positive qualities of a leader and determination in achieving abundance and well-being in life. This mineral helps to coordinate thoughts, stimulates prudence and insights. Aventurine calms down anger, annoyance, helps to find the reasons of failure, restore power, encourages perseverance, improves mood.
    JASPER (earthy power) – stone that symbolises the desire to know, to understand, to renew oneself. It gives energy and balances emotions. Irrespective of its colour, jasper has a grounding effect: it protects a person from dreaming away. Jasper gives good health, courage and wisdom and keeps us away from unjustified risk. This mineral helps to push away everything that hurts one’s heart and soul. Jasper symbolizes the connection with the earth, the reality, the willpower, the creativity and the activity.

    P.S. Only the stones that are used in the jewelry are described in detail. For every zodiac sign other natural stones could be lucky. The dates that are written for each zodiac sign may differ a day or two, depending on the source. The bracelet is made out of natural stones, which are all unique, so the actual color might be slightly different.