• FORSUMUS. We are here for you!
    for + sumus („we are“ in latin)

    We are a part of jewellery, accessories and handicrafts production world since 2018. Our main direction of activity is jewellery made of natural minerals. 

    Of course, we are innovative and therefore open to new ideas, inclusion of new raw materials and detains into the production.

    We are different because each created product has its own history, its intended use. It undergoes all stages: the idea, its presentation on a sheet of paper, choice and harmonization of future materials, and then production and creation of name and description.

    We are highly interested in natural stones and minerals, their effect, harmonization, we participate in training, read specialised literature, consult with specialists.

    Almost 70 percent of our orders are individual. We always try to head our client’s request, desired style, future intended use of jewellery or accessory.

    Our values are the following: naturalness, attentiveness to detail, responsibility, individuality, quality, business ethics.

    We truly believe that: “Where we are expected, we are on time”. /Paulo Coelho/


    Therefore, let’s be friends, 

    Yours sincerely, Dovilė, ideas creator at forsumus