Red thread bracelet for Pisces zodiac sign

  • Red thread bracelet for Pisces zodiac sign

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    /Natural stone beads and their colours very carefully chosen according to horoscope. Stones are chosen according to what they provide each zodiac sign with in different life situations. In the bracelet 925 silver and gilded 24 K silver details are used./ 

  • Pisces

    Dates February 19/20 – March 20/21
    Element Water
    Planet Neptune
    Number 7 (seven)
    Day of the week Thursday
    Colors Blue, purple, gray, red, burgundy, green, sea blue / green, pink.
    Natural stone Amethyst, aquamarine, amazonite, citrine, tiger eye, rock crystal, pink quartz, fluorite, turquoise, labradorite, agate, onyx and others.
    Personality Good imagination, sensitivity, compassion, understanding, nobility, selflessness, intuition, distraction, lack of will. They always say yes to the saying “Moving in the direction, where the life takes them”.

    Stones, used in this bracelet:
    TIGER EYE (stability) – stone of luck and honesty that does not allow to fool oneself and others. This stone helps to connect with the earth energy, gives self-confidence and courage, strengthens willpower, soothes stubbornness. Tiger eye helps to concentrate, pay attention to detail while working. Tiger eye soothes emotions and protects from external stress, from negative emotions, external dangers. It is a stone that brings partners together; it strengthens physical passion and spiritual harmony, helps to understand one another without words.
    ROCK CRYSTAL (consciousness) – stone that contains light energy, love, improvement, proper communication. Rock crystal is the stone of clear energy, protection from dangerous external factors, it is a stone that gives peace and emotional balance. It is one of the strongest stones intended to stimulate positivity, it cleanses negative energy contained in a person or their environment. Rock crystal clears and cleanses thoughts, helps to concentrate. It clears feelings, gives clarity, inner knowledge, strengthens intuition and improvement and stimulates communication. Along with it comes calmness, self-understanding, self-worth and emotional balance are encouraged.
    AMETHYST (transformation) – is a stone that gives inner peace, helps to meditate, protects from reckless decisions, intemperance, temptations. Amethyst is very effective as a treatment stone from various addictions. When carried close to the body, it reduces anger, impatience, encourages objectivity. This stone protects from negative energy, helps to communicate more effectively, gives eloquence. Amethyst attracts true, pure emotional love. It is a stone that symbolises treatment, time, peace, meditation, protection, intuition, spirituality and love.
    PINK QUARTZ (self-love) – stone of love, affection, kindness and inner peace. Most often, pink quartz is used for love rituals, because it stimulates love and affection, relaxes. It is a powerful stone of unexpressed positive feelings, talents and self-expression. The energy of this crystal stimulates susceptibility for beauty, art, it sets imagination free. Pink quartz fills life with inner peace, wisdom, consciousness and harmony. Also, this stone stimulates intuition, self-love and love for others, as well as positive outlook towards life, it teaches to forgive.
    LABRADORITE (soul memory) – stone of patience and stamina, stone that gives strong protection, helps to tell apart illusions from reality. Labradorite gives energy to concentrate, calms overly active mind and conflict-seeking, anxiety-inducing thoughts. This stone helps to express originality, calms down anger and stress, helps to overcome inactivity and indecisiveness, helps cooperation, strengthens self-respect, sense of one’s own abilities.

    P.S. Only the stones that are used in the jewelry are described in detail. For every zodiac sign other natural stones could be lucky. The dates that are written for each zodiac sign may differ a day or two, depending on the source. The bracelet is made out of natural stones, which are all unique, so the actual color might be slightly different.