Red thread bracelet for Gemini zodiac sign

  • Red thread bracelet for Gemini zodiac sign

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    /Natural stone beads and their colours very carefully chosen according to horoscope. Stones are chosen according to what they provide each zodiac sign with in different life situations. In the bracelet 925 silver and gilded 24 K silver details are used./ 

  • Gemini

    Dates May 21/22 – June 21/22
    Element Weather
    Planet Mercury
    Number 5 (five)
    Day of the week Wednesday
    Colors Yellow, orange, gray, purple, light blue, blue.
    Natural stone Aquamarine, apatite, citrine, labradorite, moon stone, obsidian, sun stone, amethyst, rock crystal, jasper, amazonite, garnet, pink quartz, agate and others.
    Personality Universality, ability to adapt, communication, wit, intellect, eloquence, liveliness, superficiality, lack of consistency, curiosity, charm, double personality. They always say YES to being in the centre of attention.

    Stones, used in this bracelet:
    LABRADORITE (soul memory) – stone of patience and stamina, stone that gives strong protection, helps to tell apart illusions from reality. Labradorite gives energy to concentrate, calms overly active mind and conflict-seeking, anxiety-inducing thoughts. This stone helps to express originality, calms down anger and stress, helps to overcome inactivity and indecisiveness, helps cooperation, strengthens self-respect, sense of one’s own abilities.
    AQUAMARINE (awakening of the soul) – the stone that gives insight, braveness and happiness, understanding and tolerance, ensuring long-term and successful relationship. It is a stone that brings clarity to thoughts, encourages new ideas, helps maintaining emotional balance, therefore is particularly convenient at difficult life periods. Aquamarine gives patience to complete works and encourages achieving new goals. Also, it is a stone of spirituality and clearing of the soul.
    CITRINE (self-realisation) – stone that awakens the mind, provides warmth, energy and stability. It is very good for meditation. Citrine stimulates self-confidence, optimist, stimulates abilities, gives physical and material power, assets. It strengthens motivations, stimulates physical activity, individual initiative and creativity. A unique quality of citrine is that is cleanses the space, where it is placed in, and turns negative energy into positive, strengthens the body’s healing energy. Citrine is very good for those, who are keen to depression.
    SUN STONE (self-realisation) – stone that is connected with protection, vital power, self-confidence. It attracts sun energy, brings the light of life, luck, and thus encourages to be a leader in life. Sun stone makes a personality more attractive, strengthens willpower, gives optimism, self-confidence, liveliness, attracts romanticism. It is a powerful stone that chases away all kinds of fear and gets rid of depression.
    GARNET (active self-realisation) – stone of love, strength, courage and health. GARNET has a strong protective power, it restores the balance of body, mind and feelings, fills with the higher light of love. The energy of this mineral radiates joy, dedication, courage and love for life, vital energy, excites feelings, stimulates personal growth, stability, creativity, improves relationships. It strengthens self-confidence, gives patience, perseverance, self-awareness.

    P.S. Only the stones that are used in the jewelry are described in detail. For every zodiac sign other natural stones could be lucky. The dates that are written for each zodiac sign may differ a day or two, depending on the source. The bracelet is made out of natural stones, which are all unique, so the actual color might be slightly different.