Necklace VIEW

  • Necklace VIEW

    Let this magical eye look at the world intensively and protect you from wicked glances, gossip and other evil. And may it also stop you from making wrong or reckless decisions. 


    /Natural stone lapis lazuri. Bead size 4 mm. The high-quality charm - symbol . Stainless steel details. Necklace length 38 + 8 cm./ 


    LAPIS LAZURE (truth) – stone that improves emotional, physical, spiritual and mental state, gives peace. Lazurite stimulates reflections on the meaning of life, calms nervous system and reduces tension, anger, disappointments. It helps to attract true spiritual love and is a powerful charm of faithfulness. Lazurite gives full protection and helps to avoid malevolent destiny and hard thoughts. This mineral is the truth, concentration, wisdom, luck, love.