Bracelet VIVERE Tiger eye

  • Bracelet VIVERE Tiger eye

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    Remember to live! 'lat. Memento vivere!'

    Bracelets collection VIVERE - are special products made of high quality natural stone beads. 


    /High quality natural stone. Bead size 10 mm. Exclusive stainless steel details./ 


    TIGER EYE (stability) – stone of luck and honesty that does not allow to fool oneself and others. This stone helps to connect with the earth energy, gives self-confidence and courage, strengthens willpower, soothes stubbornness. Tiger eye helps to concentrate, pay attention to detail while working. Tiger eye soothes emotions and protects from external stress, from negative emotions, external dangers. It is a stone that brings partners together; it strengthens physical passion and spiritual harmony, helps to understand one another without words.