Bracelet VIVERE Pink quartz

  • Bracelet VIVERE Pink quartz

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    Remember to live! 'lat. Memento vivere!'

    Bracelets collection VIVERE - are special products made of high quality natural stone beads.


    /High quality natural stone. Bead size 10 mm. Exclusive stainless steel details./  


    PINK QUARTZ (self-love) – stone of love, affection, kindness and inner peace. Most often, pink quartz is used for love rituals, because it stimulates love and affection, relaxes. It is a powerful stone of unexpressed positive feelings, talents and self-expression. The energy of this crystal stimulates susceptibility for beauty, art, it sets imagination free. Pink quartz fills life with inner peace, wisdom, consciousness and harmony. Also, this stone stimulates intuition, self-love and love for others, as well as positive outlook towards life, it teaches to forgive.