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    /Natural stone. Necklace length 38 (+7) cm./


    ROCK CRYSTAL (consciousness) – stone that contains light energy, love, improvement, proper communication. Rock crystal is the stone of clear energy, protection from dangerous external factors, it is a stone that gives peace and emotional balance. It is one of the strongest stones intended to stimulate positivity, it cleanses negative energy contained in a person or their environment. Rock crystal clears and cleanses thoughts, helps to concentrate. It clears feelings, gives clarity, inner knowledge, strengthens intuition and improvement and stimulates communication. Along with it comes calmness, self-understanding, self-worth and emotional balance are encouraged.  


    CORAL (love) – stone that symbolises joy, energy, harmony and happiness. It is a strong talisman that protects from all kinds of evil, unfortunate accidents. It strengthens self-expression and helps to understand oneself and other better, stimulates diplomacy, intuition and imagination. Coral reduces inner and external tension, fears. This stone attracts love and prosperity, it is also the stone of passion.  


    FOSSILIZED SHELL (harmony): mineral that provides protection to a family, home, protects motherhood. It is also a great protection from the evil eye, magical influence. Jewellery made of fossilised shell beads reveal femininity and attracts family harmony.  


    PEARLS (joy) – stone tear is a real lucky charm. For its owner it brings joy and fulfilled desires. Pearls attract love, money, complete success, gives protection, protects motherhood, ensures successful pregnancy. It gives wisdom through experience, reduces anxiety, helps to accept love, accelerates laws of karma, strongly connects couples. Pearls also stimulate kindness, guarantee long life, preserves beauty and youth.