Necklace / bracelet BERYLS

  • Necklace / bracelet BERYLS

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    /Natural stone. Bead size 8 mm. Necklace / bracelet length 36 + 8 cm./ 


    BERYLS (awakening of the soul) – it is a class of natural minerals that includes a wide spectrum of crystals. In includes such stones as aquamarine, morganite, heliodor, emerald, etc. “Beryls are like a teacher that helps to master, remove unnecessary baggage, control tension that does not allow us to move forward. < > Beryl strengthens courage and determination, reduces stress and fills mind and thoughts with peace and quiet. < > It teaches to improve oneself and to enjoy one’s achievements. < > It awakens the love of married couples, when feelings are dimmed.” /Rasa Dragūnienė "Kristalų galia"/