/Naturals stone. Fresh water pearls. The size of the bracelet is adjustable, it fits the wrist from 15 to 20 mm./


    AMAZONITE (communication) – stone of courage and decisions. It soothes changing moods, mind, inner objections, reduces longing and heartaches, protects from bad habits and reduces anxiety and irritation. Amazonite encourages verbal self-expression, thinking abilities, spread of good, creativeness, intuition, self-confidence, strengthens nervous system, relaxes. It is a mineral that gives hope and stamina, helps making difficult decisions.  


    LAPIS LAZURE (truth) – stone that improves emotional, physical, spiritual and mental state, gives peace. Lazurite stimulates reflections on the meaning of life, calms nervous system and reduces tension, anger, disappointments. It helps to attract true spiritual love and is a powerful charm of faithfulness. Lazurite gives full protection and helps to avoid malevolent destiny and hard thoughts. This mineral is the truth, concentration, wisdom, luck, love.


    PEARLS (joy) – stone tear is a real lucky charm. For its owner it brings joy and fulfilled desires. Pearls attract love, money, complete success, gives protection, protects motherhood, ensures successful pregnancy. It gives wisdom through experience, reduces anxiety, helps to accept love, accelerates laws of karma, strongly connects couples. Pearls also stimulate kindness, guarantee long life, preserves beauty and youth.   


    HEMATITE (power) – calming, earth stone that helps to maintain balance between body, mind and spirit. It gives the clarity of mind and helps to concentrate on the present moment, protects from negative energy and strengthens intuition. Hematite gives power, liveliness, concentrates attention to the improvement of life quality, helps to overcome stress. It is a stone that provides independence, helps to overcome anger and anxiety, gives positive thinking.