Bracelet DELICATE Sapphires

  • Bracelet DELICATE Sapphires

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    /Bracelet made from natural stone beads. Bead size 6 mm. Suitable for the wrist from 16 cm to 22 cm./   


    SAPPHIRES (knowledge through faith) are royal minerals. “This stone used to be considered royal back in the day, therefore nobles and kings used to wear sapphires. It was believed that every piece of jewellery containing sapphire gives elegance and self-confidence.” “Ladies that wear jewellery containing sapphire simply blossom.” “Blue sapphire calm down thoughts and mind.” “Egyptians and Greeks used to consider sapphire as the stone of faithfulness and wisdom.” Sapphires symbolize truth, honesty and faithfulness, to their owners they bring peace, love, joy and wisdom. In decisive situations, they help to find the best solution, to defend one’s position, to highlight intelligence. Sapphires help to implement material desires, also to maintain current assets. Sapphires are also considered as antidepressant stones that stimulate intuition, energy, help to get rid of negative thoughts and anxiety. The energy of the mineral helps the physical, mental and spiritual body balance to prevail. This stone creates conditions for peace, quiet and fairness in the heart and in the surroundings.